Legend of the White Wolf

Legend of the White Wolf

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Nicole Winters isn't your average human being, to be honest she's far from that...she's a werewolf. When Nicole was 4 her pack, the Shimmering Night pack, was attacked by rogues. They weren't the best pack but still were strong, just not strong enough. 

Nicole's parents died protecting her that fateful night but before her father ordered her and her mother to run deep in the woods her mother said that she was different then other werewolf's and that she was special and that she had powers other's wanted to take as a weapon and that she would understand soon. Before she hid her into a tree she said 'I love you'. Those were the last words from her mother and they broke her heart to pieces because she didn't understand what she meant. After several days she came out of the tree trunk and met Mr and Mrs Winters who took her in as their own.

11 years have past and Nicole has changed A LOT and is now 15. After that night Nicole grew up and became fearless, rebellious, yet smart-ass when wanted to. She hasn't told anyone her secret except for Mr and Mrs Winters so when she turns 16 and transforms into her true form they won't be scared.

Chase Knight is the soon-to-be Alpha of the Dark Moon pack and is a total player. When Nicole meets the Alpha what will happen?

~This is my first book so the first couple of chapters are a bit, getting there, if you get what I mean. So please give it a try.~

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brainwashed- brainwashed- Jul 05, 2016
I feel like (if wearwolves were real) and they shift in front of me I'd be like "Okay but when's lunch"