Hands Off, She's Mine (Lesbian Story)

Hands Off, She's Mine (Lesbian Story)

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Alec J. Winters By Alec_Winters Updated Apr 03

In the lands worn thin by the paws of a hundred packs, the Shattered Fangs stake their claim.

Emilia Nicollet Burnside, daughter of Anthony Alexander Burnside, stands, waiting for her position as the Alpha.

But her plans are thrown to the wind at the discovery of her mate, a girl, a human, a distraction.

Robyn is a flashing smile and wild hair. She is the roaring of waves on a coast and the dry lightning on open prairies. She's a gentle touch and a quiet sigh. She's untouchable, but she's all Emma wants.

Their fates are intertwined and go as far back as Rome.

Join them on their journey,

Awaiting another,

Defending many,

Fulfilling their destiny.

BRayne44 BRayne44 Jul 10
Personally I think the more description the better. I like feeling like I'm in the book I'm reading not just imagining it. I read to escape, not just to pass the time.
ArseyFacey ArseyFacey Aug 10, 2016
Kajiit is the worst to play as, but I only played oblivion, non of the other elder scrolls
She_Nesian She_Nesian Nov 11, 2016
OMFL! I ❤️ Skyrim too! Happy that the Skyrim Online is finally for sale! 🤗💥💥💥
Ranbeau Ranbeau Feb 13
Omg! I didn't know that Emma was Theo's girlfriend, this surely complicate things
rameysshelby rameysshelby Sep 14, 2016
Honestly if someone said something like that to me about love I would probably agree to date them. That's just wow 😂
ArseyFacey ArseyFacey Aug 10, 2016
Wtf is wrong with this paragraph. This is so detailed. I would've been happy with something like " as I walked into the house, I could smell lavendar, and it was intoxicating. "You okay Em?" Theo asked concerned.