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The Assassin Princess (Book One)

The Assassin Princess (Book One)

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Arisu and Vi By flamefox2spiritowl Completed

Long ago in the kingdom of Talahan, Queen Isabel, descendent of the great fae queen Azura, gave birth to two girls, Her second children, Atheena and Alexandria. The kingdom was in celebration for two months, until baby Atheena was abducted by a hooded figure. Now, Atheena knows herself as Ryia, the most skilled assassin in the assassin underworld. Then, Ryia is hired to protect princess Alexandria, a rebellious princess and her twin who only wants to explore and be free of the castle. But what happens when Ryia finds out about her past, and the people she thought she trusted were the people she should be most afraid of? And will Alexandria ever except her parents decision of putting her in an arranged marriage, or will she slowly fall in love with someone else? Will Alexandria ever be able to control her shadow powers that were passed down by her father? And will Ryia be able to save her sister from an evil assassin who is trying to kill her? Read to find out.

emily5964 emily5964 Jun 10
Am I the only one who noticed the Thief cosplay being used as the cover?
I thought I had a good idea having a princess by day and assassin by night, so I made a nice book cover and then looked up if anyone else had the same idea. Mine was going to be called the Princess Assassin and when I saw your cover I was shocked because we have the same picture...
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12, 2016
Okay, this is interesting.
                              Who becomes the assassin?
                              I'd be sad if it wasnt Atheena..
Taraberra Taraberra Mar 23, 2016
Lol, seriously? The guards look out of a window for maybe two minutes and just give up? Sure, I mean it's just a freaking princess baby, no biggy lol.
angel114mira angel114mira Oct 03, 2016
@flamefox2spiritowl can you clarify whether Rowan is a girl or boy
SLAnastasakis365 SLAnastasakis365 Feb 23, 2016
Ooooooohhhhh.... Interesting! Can't wait to read more! I'm writing some stories with similar topics already, but I love yours!