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Outcast (Jaspar AU)

Outcast (Jaspar AU)

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Kali By MelancholyMango Updated Apr 10, 2015

Caspar is misunderstood. Not just by everyone he associates with and everyone he's ever cared about, but by himself as well. For the longest time he thought superficial things would bring him the happiness he craved and fill in the gap in his life, but recently he's come to the conclusion that what's missing is much more than that. So he threw himself into trying to find what that was, who that was. He is determined to find himself, but what he doesn't realize is that it doesn't work quite like that. It might take him a while, but eventually he's going to realize it's not about finding himself, it's about creating himself. With the aid of many new friends, new enemies, and changes to his current life, he's going to come to the conclusion he's been after all along, it just might take a bit longer than he initially realized.
Joe has his life together, he's never been faced with having to define his life. He knew from day one who he wanted to be and how to get there, and he's worked constantly toward his goal ever since. He transferred to a school in a completely different country to make sure he could maximize his education, determined to get his life exactly how he planned it. What he didn't work into the plan though, was the whirlwind of confusion that flies into his life unexpectedly by the name of Caspar Lee.

W1nn1ng_ W1nn1ng_ Aug 06, 2016
IF YOU WOULD JUST FINISH MISFIT (phan is my biggest ship other than destiel )
phanoftroye phanoftroye Jul 21, 2016
Don't encourage my outbursts in the comments, it will only make it worse!
_ashreenao_ _ashreenao_ Dec 21, 2015
I happened to notice that in the description you said "he will realise that life isn't about finding himself it about creating himself" or something along those lines. Did you happen to get that from one of Troye's videos?
- - Dec 07, 2015
Sorry, but you kinda haven't updated since April. Is this story finished or just discontinued?
panic-at-my-otp panic-at-my-otp Oct 30, 2015
Cool cool bc no offense, but I would never be able to handle a troyler fic lol. I ship them as friends not as a couple
hearteyeshoying hearteyeshoying Apr 29, 2015
you told me there's a mitch grassi somewhere in here so i've arrived