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Falling for the Popular Girl (Lesbian Story)

Falling for the Popular Girl (Lesbian Story)

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9forgotten By 9forgotten Completed

*** Bare with me, I wrote this about 3yrs ago when I was like..14/15 and personally don't think it's one of the better works I've done but a lot of y'all seem to like it so I'm leaving it up here. I'm also going through to edit it [very slowly]. ***

At Oakwood High School there are two girls with two very different lives. Meet Jessica Night and Kaylee Scott. Jessica, coming from wealth and status and Kaylee, just another student passing in the halls quietly. Something so simple brings them together. A school project. So cliche right? 

Kaylee has had a HUGE crush on Jessica for quite some time before scratching that idea out. However, try as she might she can't completely rid of the feelings locked away and this project isn't helping at all. Forced to interact but not forced to become friends, follow these two as their lives intertwine. Can they keep their newfound friendship from breaking and maybe become more then just friends or will everything fall to pieces? But watch out for the secrets and lies for they won't stick to the shadows for long.

Tara-Dikov Tara-Dikov 3 days ago
Only perk of having extreme anxiety and the teacher's know, is that if you have a friend in the class they automatically let you partner up.
So everyone is ignoring the fact of where did she get the guitar from
ActualDevil ActualDevil Feb 13
my lizard died 2 days ago
                              hope he is basking and taking a bath in lizard heavin rip spike
I had this app for about 4 months and I still haven't read 1 bxb book I only read gxg buh I'm looking forward to a bxb book tho
RaNdOm__FaN RaNdOm__FaN Feb 23
Man I was depressed as shît last year and tried to end my life. Now I'm taking this medication WITH DEPRESSION AS A. SIDE AFFECT (common for those who have previously had depression) and I'm so scared. I just really needed to share that, even if it's with random strangers.
RaNdOm__FaN RaNdOm__FaN Feb 23
I got a hardcover book chucked at my head for getting an 89% 😅
                              And I'm not even Asian 😅😅😅