Hetalia x child reader one shots

Hetalia x child reader one shots

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Brandi Vis By DoctorWhoHetalia2 Updated Feb 22, 2015

Italian brothers x sick! little sister! Reader

It was a raining day. Y/n or Venice was breathing heavily and her face was all red while while her brothers were at the meeting with the other countries.

''Hello Venice...are you alright you seem sick,'' Sealand or Peter asked. Y/n smiled and nodded. ''Of course Peter, I-I'm alright,'' she said.

Peter looked at her concern. ''Are your sure,'' he asked. Y/n nodded then was about to fell but Peter caught her.

''Maybe we should go get your brothers y/n,'' Peter said. Y/n didn't answer him just breathing heavily.

''I-I don't want my fratellos [brothers] to worry Peter,'' she said. ''Yeah but your worrying me y/n,'' Peter said.

''I-I'll get them then,'' y/n said and got up. ''Are-are you sure y/n,'' he asked. Y/n nodded and walked towards the door.

The countries stop fighting and turned. ''Hey little dudette what's sup,'' America or Alfred asked. ''Sorella [sister] I thought we told you to stay in the room till we're done,'' Romano or Lo...

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