Cold Rain [Gruvia Fanfiction]

Cold Rain [Gruvia Fanfiction]

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Juvia Lockser, a Water mage, finally made her resolve, that she is going to give up her love on Gray Full Buster, an Ice Mage. She became Juvia the rain woman that she used to be. Gray's rejection on her last confession strikes her the most. Half of her believes on what the Dark mage said but half of her believes in her love for Gray. 

One day she went to a job by herself, along the way she met Yuki Fuyu a water and ice mage. Yuki accompanied her in her journey to the Shoku Village for Juvia's job. Yuki helped her accomplishing her job. Yuki seems familiar to Juvia, her magic, her looks and her presence always reminds her of Gray.

Every time Juvia remembers Gray, her heart is shuttering even more. The rain is getting stronger every time Juvia cries. Juvia mentioned Gray's name and it surprised Yuki and asked his whereabouts. Juvia asked her connection with Gray and she said that she is her daughter.

Find out what happened next and start reading my first ever Gruvia Fanfic.

Technically this is the second but the first one is merge with NaLu.

 Fairy Tail is not mine. This is only a fanfiction. Hiro Mashima is the owner of Fairy Tail.