List of Descriptive Words and Adjectives.

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Tara By tbargon Updated 4 years ago
Hey all,
    Below are a list of Descriptive Words and Adjectives I put together. It's helpful when trying to describe what you are trying to say without repeating yourself. I hope you find it useful. 
    Let me know if it has. :)
    - Tara
                                    I agree. It would make it easier to find each category and the words we would like! (I'm not trying to criticise because this is really helpful but it would be more productive to have it in a layout of chapters.)
So helpful! Just what I needed to help inspire me with my book!!
It's been very helpful, thanks. But I reckon it would be easier to have each category in each chapter so then it's easier to find what we are looking for :)
                                    Thanks agin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's helped me sooooooo much!!!