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The Winged Warrior

The Winged Warrior

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catgirlisfangirl By catgirlisfangirl Completed

Betrayed. Abandoned. Destroyed.
Percy Jackson has been deserted by those he trusted. But can he rise again? 
When he is given the option of a new life, will he take it?
And will the journey mend his shattered Heart?
Percy Jackson rises from the dust as the winged warrior, a cold and emotionless fighter with no remorse and no mercy.
I try to update often but my updates are long so they take a while to write.
Disclaimer; I do not own ANY of the characters in this book apart from Lexi, Saven, Nicolas and Chloe.

Me: Dude. You LIVE in the underworld. If he really is dead, you are practically living with him every. Single. Day!!!!
Bitch please
                              *searches for eyeroll emoji*
                              *gets depressed bcz I can't find the dam  thing*
                              *settles for finger*
Oh Percy... (I almost said hunny or bby, buts that name is reserved for others)
This is so good! I'm surprised this is your first, have you been writing other things in the past to improve your writing style? It seems that you have had a history in writing or something
Athena_Kid Athena_Kid Mar 28
So Percy is dying on the floor, and they are just like,"Lets watch his life while he is dying right in front of us!"
The only other book/movie that ever made me cry was Bridge to Teribithia when I was in 4th grade.