Marry You For Money (Book 2)

Marry You For Money (Book 2)

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*Book 2 of Marry You Series*

Amanda Gordon loves Terry Longbottom but he hates her. And she could blame no one but herself. She forced him to marry her by having his son, and later caused him to divorce her for being a cold heartless bitch towards everyone, including Terry's ex- fiancee. However, Terry started to see more than Amanda's bitchy facade and grow to love her. 

Could this new feeling rip them further apart or get them closer? Even if they try to act indifferent with each other, their son would become their match maker to get them back together again.

AayushaNeupane AayushaNeupane May 05, 2017
Spoiler Alert!!! 
                              Eh Si ont lealry ehr hatefr!!! reh ohmtre hatdece. 
                              You just have to unscramble it!!
                              Spoiler Alert!!
Alpha_taniya Alpha_taniya Jan 31, 2016
Are u sure that this is Amanda Gordan? She sounds too nice. *looks at author with suspicious eyes*
emdmidnight emdmidnight Jun 23, 2016
She cant call him sperm donor cause he has always been there for her and she truly loved her father
Alishh_Mel Alishh_Mel Aug 17, 2016
I love this book I'm re-reading it rn. I think I like it more than The first book. It shows that every story has to sides.
Angel_teen Angel_teen Nov 06, 2016
This is third time I am reading this story.Can't believe myself
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Dec 15, 2015
amanda start with her attitude with terry after he got into her house.then she got rude with in her son's bedroom and angered terry to lash back out at her.