Mates With the Devil ✔

Mates With the Devil ✔

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"I don't think you understand. I own you; you are mine." He growled
in her ear.

"I-I rejected you." She whimpered and he chuckled darkly in
her ear. 

"Poor Candy. Didn't you realise... you can't reject the blood
alpha..." She felt his warm breath on her ear, "...and you can't run away from me."
"I-I will never love you or do what you say, and I will run every opportunity I g-" His hand tightly grips her delicate neck.
"You will obey me. I will have you. I don't care if I have to use you and abuse you, you will do as I say. And when I'm done..."


Legend says he is as evil as the devil.
She is considered a fallen angel - sweet and innocent.
He is Xavier.
She is Candy.

Candy fleas the pack in an attempt to rid herself of her abusive father. Becoming a rogue she has to search for a new pack. On her travels, she grows attached to her new life and companions. A life where an unbreakable bond forms, but what will happen when she finds out she is mates with the devil - the blood alpha. Not willing to let her escape him, he kidnaps her and keeps her hidden from the world - abusing her for his own personal gain. What will become of her? Will she ever escape? More importantly, what about the unbreakable bond from her new life? Will it save her? Or is she doomed for a life where she is mates with the devil?


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