Sarah Spellings & The Followers of The Grove

Sarah Spellings & The Followers of The Grove

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Katie Welch By BeesKatieWelch Completed

Rattled by earthquakes and besieged by storms, thirteen year old Sarah Spellings and her family live in a broken and changed Vancouver. They are Greenstas, growing their own food, conserving water, and steering clear of planet-wrecking Puffers. Then a storm sweeps the Spellings house away and separates Sarah from her father and brother. Isolated in the forest, Sarah will have to survive without civilization. Soon she discovers that she is not alone. 

Joined by her psychic friend Levvy Dwight, and Quinn Braxt, a traveller from the future, Sarah begins to build a grove community in the giant coastal trees. Sarah discovers she has the power to harness natural forces, and use them to her advantage. As Sarah's treehouse village grows and news of her band of followers spreads, Mister Nickel and his Puffer cronies plot an invasion of The Grove. Even as they strive to keep the Puffers away, the Followers of the Grove hear of a worse evil: Harpminster Abbott, self-declared enemy of nature.

Sarah Spellings & The Followers of The Grove © Copyright Katie Welch 2015

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goldentina goldentina Oct 13, 2015
How about persons in  their house that sank what happen to them think u should of told that
arosslaurore arosslaurore Aug 22, 2015
I must say I really liked the backdoor vegetable dealing! I'm loving the the climate change-fuelled apocalypse. Such a unique setting!
angelapoppe angelapoppe Aug 17, 2015
That's beautiful writing, so delicately describing nature and such an intriguing adventure!
IsabellaGraceCastro IsabellaGraceCastro Jul 09, 2015
Can't wait to read the next one!!!! So exciting! I love the story. Overall it has really good detail!
wutherwuther wutherwuther Jun 17, 2015
wonderfully written...beautifully expressed the rage of nature...waiting eagerly for the next chapter!!!!!
asiamcginnis asiamcginnis Jun 12, 2015
This is so good! I couldn't put it down, it's a great start!