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Ziall-Love Me For Who I Am

Ziall-Love Me For Who I Am

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zialllover By zialllover Completed

There's always that one person who dosen't fit in, There either bullied or just completely ignored by the people around them, People are judged for being different and not following the crowd. Your own worst enemy is yourself, It's easy to fake a smile or a laugh, It's easy to pretend the words being spoken to you don't hurt, People suffer in silence and Niall is one of those people, Niall Horan is judged by everyone around him, He's never good enough, He's torn down and beaten, But he never lets his pain show, Niall suffers in silence, But what happens when one day Niall does change ,Things are taken to far and Niall suffers in the worst possible way, What happens when Niall's bully Zayn Malik starts seeing Niall in a new light? What happens when Zayn takes the time to get to know Niall? Can Zayn love Niall for who he is? 

I'm expecting a cliche bully/victim story, but you know how much @zialllover and her work.
sparks123cat sparks123cat Dec 27, 2014
Just by reading these first two sentences got me thinking that this is going to be an awesome book
LarryEqualsTrueLove LarryEqualsTrueLove Jun 17, 2014
Sounds good.. just hope they dont fall in "love" in the first 3 chapters
zialllover zialllover Jul 07, 2013
@CuddleMiss Thank you bubz, As long as you guys can read the story and understand it then I'm happy :)!
AnonymousActions AnonymousActions Jul 07, 2013
@zialllover Don't take it bad, but you shouldn't even have to check your spelling for that kind of mistake! I mean, I'm French, I've been in an American school for only like 3 years, and I don't ever make that mistake! Really good story otherwise! ^^
zialllover zialllover Jun 14, 2013
@IrishFlake For me I don't really bother with correct spelling on my stories as long as people can understand the writing I'm happy with that, Well I hope you think it's good enough :)