Loki x Reader

Loki x Reader

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ThranduilsElvenQueen By ThranduilsElvenQueen Updated Jun 24, 2016

Had to write this again! Wattpad deleted it the first time :(

loki's Pov

(One year after Thor 2)

It's almost been a year since i started impersonating my father. I know what your thinking but no Odin is not dead nor is he imprisioned, just sleeping. I hooe in his sleep he see's the truth of what i did in New York and how much i regret almost destroying Jotinheim.(Did i spell that right?) I realize now how selfish i was when i went after my birth planet, i was so stupid then. And New York..... My best deception yet. New York was seen differently to the Avengers and the other planets than what i had actually done. I needed the tesseract to get home, the people killed are regreted, i didn't want that. I needed to bring a team together to fight the chittarie (this really isnt my day for spelling or names sry), my brother and the Avengers were the only way. I tried to hint what my true intensions were without it seeming i was betraying Thanos. I had to make that deal to get home, i had t...

*copies them by slamming my fist on the table and repeat what they said*
Then wtf? Make them eat ass or something. 
                              What does it take to get a little attention around here? 
                              Ah, wait. Take over New York and you got yourself a pretty angry crowd.
Hitler_In_Paradise Hitler_In_Paradise May 12, 2017
In the first pick, Loki looks like he's giving us a face that says: I'm sexxy, and if you disagree, I'll make you kneel and do some work;    I'll do work, Loki, and kneel, too.
Fandoms_Unite394 Fandoms_Unite394 Feb 22, 2017
I thought it said "After seeing Stark strip twice" and I got really confused 😂
TeddyLiona TeddyLiona Jan 29, 2017
OMG I AM DEFINITELY RIDING WITH STEVE. (Not only are bikes FAR better, I just don't like Tony)
LindaThetford LindaThetford Nov 13, 2016
OMG OMG OMG I WANT NO I NEED THIS BADLY :) this was brilliant!