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Dating Mr Millionaire

Dating Mr Millionaire

210K Reads 4.2K Votes 20 Part Story
Hannah By kiddieharriers Completed

Tyler Wood is known to the public as heartless, he has no-one in his life to make it worthwhile. He is a self-made millionaire and he has convinced himself that he has no need for romance in his life.
  That is until he meets Hannah Kaiser.
  A/N - Hey guys and I hope that you like this book. This is a bit of a different book, a different one to what I have written before. Thank you to anyone who reads my book, I appreciate it ~ Hannah xx

luvmonster-yoshi luvmonster-yoshi Feb 09, 2016
Love him too oh my gosh i love this book already based on who's playing the lead
dc98765 dc98765 May 10, 2016
He can't be just a millionaire if he is supposed to be the richest man in the world. He should be a billionaire.
dragonslove dragonslove Oct 26, 2016
How can he fall for her if he don't even know who she is besides the name
_rebecca_smith_ _rebecca_smith_ Nov 07, 2015
He has a really small face, compared to the  size of his head...
_rebecca_smith_ _rebecca_smith_ Nov 07, 2015
Is it pronounced K-ser or Kai-ser ( like they used to call hitler)?
ClaudiaHesseler ClaudiaHesseler Jun 08, 2015
Kaiser is a German name... There must be German/ Austrian or Swiss relatives?!