Fifty Shades Of August

Fifty Shades Of August

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roycestopher By Roycestopher Updated Apr 30, 2016

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Contains Rated R contents including detailed sex scenes and BDSM.

Please read at your own risk

Daisybaby143 Daisybaby143 Jul 25, 2016
I laughed hella hard at this but is it supposed to say flowers? Just asking
kiddxlucas kiddxlucas 3 days ago
that's my naaaaame 😭😍 just with an i in between the first a and l
mlenae15 mlenae15 Apr 30, 2016
I would have laughed so hard if I fell like that😂😂😂
bombom_dan bombom_dan Jan 12, 2016
Nigga Im Pretending Tha Im Jacob In This Damn Story Now Tf😂😂😂
AaniyahpresomeNiyah AaniyahpresomeNiyah Dec 25, 2015
Man I wanna stop laughing cause I feel bad but this this is straight up priceless 😂😂😂kmsl
juiciejass juiciejass Dec 25, 2015
I thought it was August Alsina i was like "Y TF IS HE GAY" 😂