Fifty Shades Of August

Fifty Shades Of August

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roycestopher By Roycestopher Updated Feb 26, 2017

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Contains Rated R contents including detailed sex scenes and BDSM.

Please read at your own risk

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shesdifficult shesdifficult Sep 28, 2017
💀 how come all rich people that's ..... The name is Lauren , Lauren Banks
melaningoddessss melaningoddessss Jul 14, 2017
He got one of my dream cars too 😍😍😭Jacob, you better get that!
Daisybaby143 Daisybaby143 Jul 25, 2016
I laughed hella hard at this but is it supposed to say flowers? Just asking
kiddxlucas kiddxlucas Jan 17, 2017
that's my naaaaame 😭😍 just with an i in between the first a and l
flcwersxo flcwersxo May 09, 2015
Most of the sentences and words are from fifty shades of grey.big chunks and parts are word for word.its like reading the same book all over again
nekosan206 nekosan206 May 08, 2015
after reading this for the second time and I'm now reading the actual fifty shades trilogy. I'm so happy there's a boy x boy version of this. when i started reading the actual fifty shades i kept thinking she was a guy because i read this first lol