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Badass Alpha Loves Curves

Badass Alpha Loves Curves

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Melody By LittleKitLover Updated Aug 15, 2016

Mature Content (Abuse, Sex etc)

Ever felt disowned by your family? Maybe because of your looks? Well, so have Diamond Flair Harris. 

At only sixteen, she deals with her family's criticism of her size. Crying her self to sleep at night is the way she gets over it. With a drunkard father, a depressed mother and three preferred prefect sister that are little devils, it is extremely hard for her to over come the pain. Being overweight is not easy for a teen girl; But dont worry. The Badass Alpha Loves Curves.

Diamond Harris
Age :17
Height: 5"7
Body Type :More2Love
Race: Italian-Afican
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Awesome: Yes


Shayla2468 Shayla2468 Mar 07, 2016
I'm fat as f I don't care . Sure I may not be the healthiest I could be. I don't care what anyone at school says. I don't like any of them.
alwaysdaydreaming93 alwaysdaydreaming93 Aug 16, 2016
Huh I'm sry officer they just collapsed idk wat happened smiles on the inside
Gotham_xo Gotham_xo Apr 07, 2016
When your a size 4&6 so u feel happy that someone is skinner than u
YaThought14 YaThought14 Jun 30, 2016
I would've laughed in his face like really 'ugly eyes' that's the best you can do. boy. *shakes head*
pizzanuggatz pizzanuggatz May 08, 2016
*looks in cabinet* y'all ain't got no poison to sprinkle on their donuts tonight?
crypticQ crypticQ Apr 19, 2016
If my father talked to me like this I would ask him why he did not have a better insult. Surely he could've found something that was looked worse on me.