Everything Will be Dark

Everything Will be Dark

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The Returned on A&E By thereturned Completed

You can never bury the past. Isn't that what they say? 

When a strange child turns up at Emily Hogan's door, claiming to be hers, Emily starts to question her own past and wonders what she could have buried so deep that it's forced her to forget everything. 

Having suffered from depression for years and no closer to finding out why, Emily's therapist convinces her that the child is a manifestation of herself, a cry to be heard, for the secrets of her childhood to finally come screaming to the surface. 

But the child insists she is Emily's daughter and that Emily just needs to remember. Desperate to recall her suppressed memories, Emily begins to dig deeper into her life to find out the truth about this strange girl who claims to be hers. 

The only problem is that some bones of your past are buried for a reason.

Not everything should be resurrected.