Changes (An MLP Fanfic)

Changes (An MLP Fanfic)

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Monie le Brony By SimoneBlakely Updated Apr 01, 2017




6 girls, each with different stories to tell, live in a North American country called Equestria, ruled by Princess Celeste Summers and her younger sister, Princess Luna, each of whom possess hidden powers.


One day, a 16-year-old girl named Thandie Sparks transfers to Canterlot High School, from The Celestial Academy Of Advanced Learning, for her junior year. When she gets to CHS, she quickly befriends CHS' surprisingly friendly clique of 5 girls: Reese, Roxxi, A.J., Fawn, and Piper.

After learning about each girl's life/lifestyle, Thandie starts to hang out with them. She learns several things:

-Roxxi faints often due to a horrible car crash

-Piper isn't exactly ONE person... O_O

-A.J.'s parents are dead

-Reese suffers from OCD a bit

And the list goes ON...


After more drama ensues, the 6 girls start developing strange powers:

-Thandie: Magical powers out of this world, flight

-A.J.: Unbelievable strength

-Roxxi: Telekinetic energy, Controlling the weather/elements, flight; her telekinetic powers differ from the others

-Reese: Magic - her magical abilities include: changing her appearance and creating illusions

-Fawn: Communicating with/turning into creatures, flight

-Piper: Clairvoyance, creating "Loop" Wormholes; however, her split personality makes her a huge problem (And a temporary villain - controlled by an unseen entity)


Celeste and Luna want them to defend the world, but can they handle the responsibility?

Read to Find Out! X3


Note: Sorry about the cover (it's just... UGH).


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OpalSequin OpalSequin Feb 15, 2015
can I make covers for you for stories? I would like to help.
OpalSequin OpalSequin Feb 15, 2015
awesome can't wait for chapter one its gonna me real "pink" chie!
OpalSequin OpalSequin Feb 15, 2015
thanks for adding my 2 characters! I like the name Rosaline Dash and Serra Sparks!