Alpha Next Door {Completed}

Alpha Next Door {Completed}

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Elle Hart By ellehart_ Completed

It's two months away from graduation and the only thing Bailey White wants to do is have a peaceful time in Study Hall, but that will never happen. Hunters are getting killed in the woods, her friend is trying to impress a boy that's from Scotland, and the empty house that's next to hers is not empty anymore. What will Bailey do? Especially when her new neighbors aren't staying there for long. 

(Chapters of the story aren't edited, you've been warned.)

Cover by: Lovers_on_the_sun

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Dudeee you can't just wave!!....Wtf?!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lol no you see Bailey we want him back or else my ship will sink 😂😂
                              The son of Four and Christian Grey
                              I personally prefer Four. Because he is the hottest man in the world
Omc I'm blushing and this isn't even me 😨😂😂😂 I DONT BLUSHHH
Does anyone else get uncomfortable when other people are at your house but it's not family?
owmaygawsh owmaygawsh Jun 17, 2016
You go girl! Its sad for her bff but cmmon she can't do much about it