Don't Let Me Go

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Viano Oniomoh By vee_ano Completed
Thomas Herburn is a nymph. He hates his life. His best friend, Jerry deserted him after finding out he's gay and he's been left heartbroken. Then a new boy, Benjamin Earles moves into town and opens a ray of hope in Thomas' heart. Could he dare hope to find love again?
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@xxxmeowkittyxxx its kind of like a forest guardian... they're all girls from what I can remember so that's probably why he's upset. I don't know much about them though so take it with a grain of salt
I am thinking of the song don't let me go coz of the cover. Haha yeah
I'm just now realizing that this was the first book that got me into boyxboy. Like, before I even had an account on here.
Umm I don't understand what is a nymph exactly ? Is it like mermaid ? Help please :")
Don't say that. Some people weren't lucky enough to be alive whenever a calamity or an accident happens.
holy crap! I've read all his books and never caught on that he is a he!!!! lol that's freaking awesome he totally tricked me lol