§: It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 2 - The Wedding [COMPLETED]

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Riela, Roo, Rolly, Riri, Dinobear, Pocket, Nana, Aira, Yra By Riela_pollie Completed
Author's Note: This is Series 2! The Wedding Series
    Read the Series 1, The High School Series, if you haven't first! :D
    During the preparation of wedding, Leah has obstacles to overcome. Along the way, Leah meets an old friend, a friend who left her the biggest scar on her heart. Will she be able to overcome the past? Will she be able to finally let it go and move on? Will Stephen accept her past and who she was? Will Leah keep the pregnancy a secret? or tell them? Will the stalker ruin her big day? 
    Will Leah and Stephen be able to pull the wedding off without encountering any problems?
    © 2010 Riela Pollie
Oh my jezebel, 
                                    Thank you so much for starting where you left off!
                                    Most of the books start off 2 years later and it gets annoying -.-
                                    But thanks so much!
hay...... naku nakkaluka ang part 1 nla n stephen at nami....
                                    eenjoyen q talaga ng husto ang chapter na to.... ;)
The story please be careful with my heart is written by who I tried lookin for it but it doesn't come up it looks interesting pleaz do tell!!!!!:(
I cant read series 2 but i can series 3 i rlly dont want to miss anything out on the book so can u plz fix series 2 thx
wow. thats all i can say. wow. that and BLUNT MUCH?????? though i would have done that too so i cant complain
wow i loved it i cant wait to know what happens next and is the baby a boy or girl upload soon