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Abusive Love *Ereri* (Boyxboy)

Abusive Love *Ereri* (Boyxboy)

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Amber Warrel By AmberWarrel Completed

What’s more stressful than being a soldier having to kill large cannibals and having to keep humanity safe? Being the captain in charge of it all. Levi Ackerman is humanities best warrior. He is also the head of the survey corpse. One of the most powerful troupes. He is responsible for everyone’s safety. Meaning, he must make sure everyone gets the training they need and only having the most powerful soldiers out to fight. All this causes Levi to become stressed. His personality changes and he becomes an angry person along with extremely violent. Both verbally and physically. Titans are his worst enemies. But…What happens when he meets a boy who can turn himself into a titan? First thought is kill him right away but through all the hard, stressful times, Levi has somehow managed to fall in love. But this romance is far, far from romantic. How will Levi be able to control his anger while trying to be good for Eren? Read on to find out! ->

As soon as i saw shitty little brats i was like this is levis pov
warrior not worrier. that's what eren is doing rn, worrying. eren need to become a warrior
well it makes me happy about what your gonna do to him...;D😏
Nai_the_cutest Nai_the_cutest Dec 11, 2016
1. He is 15 for fir yo information leviiiiii 
                              2. You know you love him 😏😏
Ibandtrash_ Ibandtrash_ Sep 10, 2016
Not the only time Levi will be saying that if you know what I mean 😉
MaphiaDemon MaphiaDemon 5 days ago
Ok I let it go the first time but it is seriously WARRIOR and not WORRIOR!!!