Finding My Luna (Sequel to ICBTAM) ON HOLD

Finding My Luna (Sequel to ICBTAM) ON HOLD

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Red Assassin By Red_Assassin Updated May 24, 2015

Today is supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. The day when I say 'I do' and join myself to my mate for the rest of our lives. However that's drowned out by what's missing. Myself.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror and it's almost like I can see the part of me that's missing. Rafe has claimed that he doesn't care that I can't reach my wolf, that it's a problem that we will solve, that everything will be alright. He can't help me with this though. The moon goddess told me it was up to me and me alone, only I have no idea where to begin.

I feel like my soul has been lost along with my wolf, and even though Rafe smiles and kisses me and tells me it's alright, I can't help but think that he's somehow disappointed in me. Disappointed that I can't be what he needs. He needs a Luna, and right now, that's not who I am.

I won't stop searching though, I'm going to do what I can and I'll never give up until I find my Luna.


The dust has settled following Rafe and Katarina's recovery. However, neither one of them have been able to relax. Rafe is still on edge about Nolan and the other rogues still running free, and Katarina is consumed with the dread of her missing wolf.

She's scared of the unknown and at the moment, the unknown surrounds her. Her child, her wolf, what she and her mate are. All of it is new to her and none of it is normal. Whatever that's supposed to be.

Katarina has decided that she won't rest until she finds her wolf again. She will search for her no matter the cost, but when that cost could be her child or mate, will she truly do whatever it takes?

Maybe the Moon Goddess has a twisted sense in fate. Or maybe it's other forces working against her.

Find out in Finding My Luna

Cover inspired by @_iiiinfinity_

christinakitson1 christinakitson1 Sep 05, 2016
She needs to get her Wolf back for herself, they're baby, Rafe, the whole pack aswel
lidyalewis lidyalewis Mar 02
😟😟😫😭😭😭😭😭😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭she to stop feeling sorry for her self
pewdiecutie pewdiecutie Sep 13, 2015
I just read the beginning of this. FUUUCK this is what I get for not reading the damn author's note!!
kimmyxoxo88 kimmyxoxo88 Jul 02, 2015
the cover doesn't really inspire pple to read it
                              think about changing it
aleahsr aleahsr Jun 28, 2015
just posted a comment 3 mins ago should read If u learned anything that helps u become a better person, then  is not a mistake but a life lesson
aleahsr aleahsr Jun 28, 2015
I don't really believe in mistakes. If you learned anything that helps you become a better person, then it's nothing a mistake it's A LIGE LESSON!