Stuck in Naruto? What the flip!

Stuck in Naruto? What the flip!

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XxxMIDNIGHT-ROSExxX By Leopard-Lover Updated Jan 17

Her name is Umi Youko. I wanted her last name to be whirlpool but then I looked it up in japanese... It means Uzumaki! I'd just been wondering what Uzumaki meant and then it came up with Uzumaki when I searched whirlpool!

I'm phycic.

So Umi gets bullied and stuff and teased and wishes to go to another world right? You following me? Ok. So that's exactly what happened.

Careful whatcha wish for!

Ok. Guess where she ended up.

Come on guess!

Fiiiine. Well she ended up in... Naruto!

You guessed it! Well you didn't but anyway...

On to the story!

Find out what happens on. Dragon Ba-

No? Wrong?


Find out on... Whatever I named this! (I forgot) ;D

~Shenice the awesome

Cha! Don't doubt my awesomeness!

*you blink twice*

Well don't sit there! Apologise!

*you apologise and tell me how awesome I am.*

Thank you. 

You may go. Besides, what was the point of me writing this again?

Oh yeh! Read it!

ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Nov 18, 2016
Ԁяѧɢoň ɞѧʟʟ z 
                              oňє pıєċє 
                              ňєνєя mıňԀ 
                              ʏєs sһє's 
                              sһє's яıɢһţ 
AsunaXI AsunaXI Jan 08
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Nov 18, 2016
ı ɢoţ u ţһєяє 
                              ı sѧɰ ţһѧţ mıňєċяѧғţ яєғєяєňċє 
                              u Ԁєνıous u 
I belive i can fly! Got shot by the FBI! All I wanted was a Chicken wing! But I never got to Burger King! (Anyone else know this?)
I just want to get this off my chest but is it weird that my Japanese name is Umi because Marissa means Sea and so I looked up what Sea was in Japanese and it was Umi so my name is technically Umi in Japanese is this weird that I'm telling you this or are you ok with it....?
In the story Info I love the hit were you were like NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BA HAHAHAHHA I love dragon ball z