The undertakers daughter  (black Butler fanfic )

The undertakers daughter (black Butler fanfic )

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killedfromtheinside By killedfromtheinside Updated Aug 22, 2017

After a year of the disappearance of both sabastian and ceil they finally vist the undertaker for some information but they find out he has a daughter! she is then forced to live with them!  what will happen? Will she end up falling for one of them?  Or will she run away?

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XD Ceil omg amazing anyways it's Ciel because it means sky in French
Amaryllis105 Amaryllis105 Nov 30, 2017
*cough, cough* it's Ciel... *cough, cough* not ceil.*cough*☺
Kota-chan Kota-chan Jan 27
Apparently Sebastian can't tell gender get Ciel can? Now that doesn't make any lick of sense. But hell, it's anime. What can we expect? O.o
GrimPure GrimPure Jun 30, 2017
Bob now that was the one making me laugh HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA LOL
Kota-chan Kota-chan Jan 27
I thought of Lelo and Stitch when she said her name was Lila for some reason.
GodOfRandomness GodOfRandomness Feb 28, 2017
I had a pumpkin named Bob once.......
                              May he rest in a thousand pieces