A Thugs Obssession

A Thugs Obssession

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Fuck who is calling me. I reach over and answer my phone. "Speak." 
"Boss we need you to come settle this. Code Grey. "
I should have known. My right hand man Vetrice. He only calls when a decision is made that might not agree with me. So 
I get up shower and get dressed. Might as well go to the mall after this situation. 

I pulled to the spot and entered. As usual
I got fiends begging or trying to negotiate prices for my product. Not happening. No trades or discounts. When I got to my office Veet was their and he had a fiend named Skate tied up. He was looking nervous. He should. 
"Boss I know he's friends with your mom but we caught him breaking in one of your spots." I looked at Veet then Skate. I told him nothing personal, just business. Pop. No more Skate. "Take him to the swamp and throw him in the quick sand."

" Get somebody to clean my office". In this game you can show no weakness or mercy. "Veet I'll see you. Call me later after you do drop and have todays count."

When i g...

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KyraJanae KyraJanae Jun 01, 2015
I really liked this. I'm hooked already. Mister Michael is quite the smooth one lol
_ShortandSweet_ _ShortandSweet_ Mar 18, 2015
quotations would make it much better to read and tell whose talking that's the mistake I made in my first book like the first 6 chapters