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Melissa Krizan By MelissaK23 Updated Nov 21, 2016

I huddled in the corner of the dark room I had been thrown into. I was the only one out of all the villagers to have been selected by Them, a fact that relieved everyone but me. My body stung from struggling to escape Their grasp when They dragged me here, deaf to my pleading, oblivious to my struggles. Now as I sit in the dark, my fears have grown to the point of being nearly unbearable; I was going to go mad with fear if They didn't come soon. Questions plagued my mind. Why did They select me? What was going to happen to me when They come back? What would They be doing to me? Would I...survive? 

All that was told to us before today was that They would be selecting one of the village girls and take her with Them when They left. No matter what, the girl chosen would be taken away. It made no difference if the girl or her family resisted Them, the results would be the same. I hoped that I would be able to escape Them once my name had been called, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 09, 2016
Turns out their a race of supermodel level humanoids aka alien eye candys
00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 09, 2016
Well at least it's her, I mean she's a single teen girl as in she's not being ripped away from a husband or children so...
00crossfire 00crossfire Oct 09, 2016
Na I bet their just real selfconscious about how their green skin glissens~
puremolasses puremolasses Sep 09, 2016
I was on the edge of my bed almost not breathing bc of this wonderfully executed cliffhanger 😂😭😭😭💖
LadySyn LadySyn Aug 31, 2016
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2019kellylg 2019kellylg Feb 07
Great because you can trust a giant bald man who abducted you from your home