Here, Kitty Kitty

Here, Kitty Kitty

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ABDSMKitten By ABDSMKitten Updated Mar 23, 2015

Her Master held up strong leather cuffs and a chain, a knowing smirk full of mischief streaking across his face as she lay there, her body both exposed and screaming defiance. 

"Come here, Sabrina. You've been a very naughty kitty, and you need to be punished badly."


Parker thought he had it all. Good looks, money, fame, and, not to mention the countless streams of women seeking his affection. But he wasn't after a relationship. He was looking for someone he could trust, someone he could dominate as his little kitten. And he just might have found the perfect partner. 

Sabrina. She's gorgeous, she's blonde, she's witty, she's the perfect size for Parker. That first night on the club where he met her, the way she begged for attention, he had to taste her, have her. He had to make her his, and only his. 

But Sabrina is trouble. Her stubbornness is a problem. Still, all good things come from the challenges. And Parker craved a challenge.

He craved to make her, his.

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A_Ferns A_Ferns Apr 25, 2017
Am I the only one who noticed the cover?? Are they holding knives at each other's back??
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                              Geeett iiittt.... I have the sence of humor of a 12 year old and da speeling to top it off