Hetalia x reader one shots

Hetalia x reader one shots

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Brandi Vis By DoctorWhoHetalia2 Updated Feb 26, 2015

Spain x neko reader  
f/c - favorite color 
y/n - your name
l/n - last name
c/f - color fur 

I glared at England as he tried to look for a spell. I was over at England to help him to find some spell till he accidentally hit me and now I'm a cat and had f/c collar. [Groan]. 

I scratch England's cheek being mad. He touch his cheek and trying to find a spell. ''Bloody hell woman, I said I was sorry,'' he said. 

I sigh and sat on the desk. I had c/f instead c/h. ''Guess I have to call Spain to watch you and not telling him that's it's you,'' England said.

My  c/e eyes wide. England knew I had crush on Spain. I meow at him. England smirk and grabbed a phone.

I sigh and my tail went wagging. Then England put the phone down and picked me up. We headed upstairs.

The door knocked, England opened the door. ''Hola amigo [hello, friend], is that the chica I'm suppose to watch over,'' Spain asked.

England nodded and handed me to Spain. I purred and put my head against his head. Spain chuck...

SoraandKichirou SoraandKichirou Aug 26, 2016
W|-|/-\T W|-|Y WOU|D YOU DO T|-|/-\T.          |-|=H /-\=A |=L
Kumio1999 Kumio1999 May 15, 2016
Is there a part 2 for Spain? When the reader turns back to norma.
LucyMaka LucyMaka Mar 14, 2016
I'd love to see Spain's reaction when he finds out the cat was me!