Hetalia x reader one shots

Hetalia x reader one shots

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Brandi Vis By DoctorWhoHetalia2 Updated Feb 26, 2015

Spain x neko reader  
f/c - favorite color 
y/n - your name
l/n - last name
c/f - color fur 

I glared at England as he tried to look for a spell. I was over at England to help him to find some spell till he accidentally hit me and now I'm a cat and had f/c collar. [Groan]. 

I scratch England's cheek being mad. He touch his cheek and trying to find a spell. ''Bloody hell woman, I said I was sorry,'' he said. 

I sigh and sat on the desk. I had c/f instead c/h. ''Guess I have to call Spain to watch you and not telling him that's it's you,'' England said.

My  c/e eyes wide. England knew I had crush on Spain. I meow at him. England smirk and grabbed a phone.

I sigh and my tail went wagging. Then England put the phone down and picked me up. We headed upstairs.

The door knocked, England opened the door. ''Hola amigo [hello, friend], is that the chica I'm suppose to watch over,'' Spain asked.

England nodded and handed me to Spain. I purred and put my head against his head. Spain chuck...

crystalkitty33 crystalkitty33 Sep 18, 2017
But- No- How- *inhales* That's not how this works! THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS!!
razzledazzle666 razzledazzle666 Jan 28, 2017
HAHA THIS IS CRINGE KAYLA WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE (ily I'm sorry don't take that seriously it's just hilarious cause I have no idea what any of this means cause I haven't seen Le anime)
SoraandKichirou SoraandKichirou Aug 26, 2016
W|-|/-\T W|-|Y WOU|D YOU DO T|-|/-\T.          |-|=H /-\=A |=L
Kumio1999 Kumio1999 May 15, 2016
Is there a part 2 for Spain? When the reader turns back to norma.
kuriaiscanadasgirl kuriaiscanadasgirl Feb 20, 2017
what happened!? timeskip then end????? T^T i wanna knowwwwwwww