Rejected by Mr. Alpha (Edited)

Rejected by Mr. Alpha (Edited)

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Life can't be worse for Audrilina Jean Woods. After being rejected by her Alpha mate, she runs away to another pack out of embarrassment.

At this new pack, Black Night, things can be crazy for Audrilina's cover identity, Lena. Visiting her sister's grave, she finds out that her beloved sister's death isn't a rouge attack. Now she and her new friend Brianna has to solve the mystery of the psycho wolf killer before it wipes out the wolf population on Earth.

Can she work out the mystery of the kills, and get her mate back in time?

natali22234lol natali22234lol Jun 16, 2016
ok im going to cry today because  I finish my books in one day I finish a book called i dont care its good but sad at the same time
broken-n-fearless broken-n-fearless Jun 06, 2016
I would be that one werewolf that either A) Doesn't have a mate B) Just don't give two shits
Christinee916 Christinee916 Mar 29, 2016
I live in Queens, NY and the closest Walmart is in Long Island ;_;
Christinee916 Christinee916 Mar 29, 2016
Oh god *flashback to all the werewolf x human fanfics*....... O.O
DetectivePotatoe DetectivePotatoe Feb 22, 2016
Hey! Watch it with those words I'm one of those 'filthy humans'
Redhotsmolder Redhotsmolder May 28, 2015
i think it has potential but for me it is a bit sudden.  I like the plot that you have and the twists in it. but if you put the story a bit gradual it might bw better