Closer to Insanity, Farther from Love(Watty awards)

Closer to Insanity, Farther from Love(Watty awards)

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-Insert name here- By karacan55 Completed

Haven for all her life has been insane. No boys stuck in her head like an over played song. She has no idea what gets to her friends when they meet a cute boy. Haven thinks her life is perfect.

Then the Prom comes. the Bitches(popular girls) says if you don't get a date for the prom you'll never be spoken to again.

Haven's friends try everything to get Haven a date. but Haven just doesn't have any intentions of getting a date.

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jack_ur_taco jack_ur_taco Mar 15, 2012
And yea, that sounds a lot like my friends... The non-psycho ones
KCCDIsConfused KCCDIsConfused Mar 08, 2012
good story! I like the name Ever. It's different. nice plan they had there too. keep on writing!
karacan55 karacan55 Mar 06, 2012
@highlandkarate Thanks so much! Ahh. I'll dedicate my newest chapter/story to you, also cuz ur my 90th fan :)
LoveHurtsHard LoveHurtsHard Mar 17, 2011
@HoorayForPie mayybee :D actually no... but i just read it the night b4
PiccoloGiglio PiccoloGiglio Aug 13, 2010
It's because you can do so much with love stories and have jelous love triangles ect. :-)
PiccoloGiglio PiccoloGiglio Aug 13, 2010
Don't sweat it about only writing love stories because i, for one, love love stories and love to read them, in fact, they are my favourite genre :-)