The Mating Games

The Mating Games

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brynn By brynnisbad Updated Feb 13, 2016

Meet Rayne Summers- a 19 year old she-wolf. She never wanted a mate, and  when she turned 18, she was devastated knowing she would be sent off to the mating games. As she comes back, she is struck by an unpredicted sadness and depression, and doesn't understand why.. Now she has to face the mating games again, only now, she is prepared, and more determined to hide from her mate if he finds her. 

Meet Xavier Evans- a 21 year old werewolf. He has been longingly waiting for his mate ever since he turned 18. All three times he has went into the mating games he never found her, but this year, he hoped something will be different. After three years of failure, he is not willing to let his mate go if he finds her.

What will happen next? Read as sadness, happiness, and all types of emotions unfold in The Mating Games. 


Hello!! I'm Brynn. This is my very first story here on Wattpad, and I am extremely nervous.. Sorry for this pathetic excuse of a description

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Says you mom there's always a first time for everything including escape.
merrywombat merrywombat Mar 30, 2015
Sometimes it takes not getting something to realize how bad you really want it.
fondrose fondrose Feb 16, 2015
this amazing! I think you're doing a great job, and should definitely continue writing it. I'm for sure adding this to my reading list :) Keep up the good work! .x