Protective Desires

Protective Desires

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Third book in 'Desires' series

Monroe Savage is the most loved and protected person in his pack even though he doesn't talk to most of them. He's autistic, but that doesn't mean he's dumb like most humans think. He's very smart and excels at school. He can do just about anything the others can do, but has trouble with little things and is easily frustrated. He's the first born of the Alpha couple yet he has an Omega wolf. At the age of 17 he knows there is little chance his father will hand over the Alpha title to him. He just wants to lead the pack and make his father proud, prove that he can be a great Alpha like him and his grandfather.

Kane Warfield is cold, blunt and ruthless. At the age of 23 he's known as one of the coldest Alphas in the UK, many think it's because he still has not found his soul-mate and hasn't let go of his troubling past. He cares nothing of rumors about him or of his mate, he has a pack to manage and he puts his all into his pack, his family. When the opportunity to get even more land arises, Kane wastes no time in claiming the freshly abandoned territory and in doing so, he's closer than ever to finding his mate. But when he does finally see his other half, he's shocked with what he finds.

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GoddesSeth GoddesSeth Nov 30
I love you ALL of your stories i swear :) especially LHS. Lane is just so fcking sexy and adorable and sooo brave but i also love Kai, such a cutie ^_^
Sam_the_Killjoy Sam_the_Killjoy 5 hours ago
I have a friend at school who has Down syndrome and he's sooo sweet. He always dances and plays the guitar for us. Seeing him everyday is definitely the highlight of my day.
JDHenrique JDHenrique Sep 20
Looooveee your rants! Your are the truly lawyer of your characters and couldn't agree more with you. You are their creator, so you're the only one who can say how they act and such.
Your comoletely right. Theres such a large spectrum for autism. Me and my bother both have ashbergurs. Were nothing alike. And its hard to get people to see that.
I love all your stories, especially the CEO one!! I understand it complete so I'm sure this one is not going to be any different just more exciting than the last :)