The Sugar Fairy (BoyxBoy Mpreg)

The Sugar Fairy (BoyxBoy Mpreg)

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Puppies By xoBEAUTIFULxo Completed

Mason Torres is a childish , goofy , Class clown. He has no care in the world , and he has to always get the last word in. No matter the situation. But then one day he comes to school and there is a project assigned to him. Everyone in 12th grade has to take care of a different type of Fairy. 

But Mason doesn't know how to take care of a fairy , he barely knows how to take care of himself. Mason tries to ditch the fairy , give the fairy back , and even feed the fairy to his bunny. But the fairy always came back. Finally Mason got the hang of it. But then he learns what type of fairy he really has. 

And his world comes crashing down.


  • boyxboy
  • fairy
  • gay
  • mystery
  • supernatural
  • thriller
the Robin William & Julia Roberts in HOOK.
                              i'm shooketh as i remember that legendary movie.......................
                              *CRIES IN REMEMBRANCE*
i wish.
                              & i'd be reading, watching, playing pc games for eons on end & not getting bored. when i'm bored i'd just travel.
                              let's call Wanda's species here to Earth so they can bring peace to the whole humanity & i don't have to live just to have money just to live.
can't wait. it's Fate & Destiny. he's to help the tiny prince remember about himself & then ultimately be HIS wohoooooo XD
makes me wonder about the contrast of the synopsis & warnings, & the role of the Sugar Fairy in this story.
                              dun dun duuuun
Seamerthia Seamerthia Feb 18
I just finished reading the first chapter and I'm about ready to fly off my bed with excitement. Lovin the book already!
De120000 De120000 Sep 30
Who else had to look up how big an iPhone 6 plus was, then measure it on a ruler cause you wanted to Know the exact height of the fairy?不不不不