HER. (Lesbian Stories)

HER. (Lesbian Stories)

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Zen By Xo_MAGESTIC Updated 2 days ago

I saw her there. Sitting.

She looked so beautiful, so lost.


Hehe it's alright, I know the feeling. Sometimes I can't even write a word without getting distracted. Just make sure to return later and stick around! Thank you for your reads- even tho you couldn't lol, I guess thanks for the try. Thanks for the vote and comment also.
eht can't focus on reading . my mood turned into bad!!!!!!!!!! arrggg sorry for this comment .
Nadamnsb Nadamnsb Jun 04, 2015
it is a nice story but try to avoid the bad words
                              just saying
peachgirl666 peachgirl666 Apr 28, 2015
All I could think of as I read this was the song gangster paradise
Ravishing_2015 Ravishing_2015 Feb 28, 2015
Ahh this book is freaking awesome it reminds me of one of my favorite books!Haven't read an original good book in a while!You go girl,I love you @Xo_MAGESTIC
@larry-ziall98  Awe thanks your sooo sweet and I'll keep that in mind.