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Nerdy Joke Book and Logic Puzzles

Nerdy Joke Book and Logic Puzzles

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AK By awesomek21 Updated Oct 21, 2015

If you are smart like me, you'll get these jokes! Most of them are quirky and corny, but that's what makes them awesome! By the way, I found most of these on the Internet, so don't sue me if you made one of these up or heard it somewhere else. :) Some jokes in here are for science nerds, or mathletes, or grammar nazis, or fangirls/ boys. So, something for everyone! :) Also, logic puzzles and riddles are included! Enjoy!

Idk how many digits I know but here it goes: 3.14159265357989323846264338327950... and that's it. What? I was bored on a car trip and I have a pretty good memory (Almost photographic; Like KEEFE!!) so I thought why not?
JerrieCimbello JerrieCimbello Jul 19, 2016
We had a contest on pi day(March aka 3rd month and day 14(3.14))at my school and I won for saying 210 numbers by memory. I also broke the record by 99 and set a new one.
yolofroggie yolofroggie Jan 17
There was a star wars T-shirt that instead of dark side it said dork side
                              "Come to the Dork Side. We have π"
                              And I'm like "Dad can I get that? Its so cool and so me!!!" But he said no😢
Ame_Belle Ame_Belle Feb 09
Pi continues that's what my 5th mathematics teacher told us its an never ending line of pie
YES. Every time an alto is switched to soprano in my class, I say: welcome to the dark side, we have junk food and video games.