Love Makes The Heart Beat

Love Makes The Heart Beat

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Mikaila Debevoise has been teased all her life, tired of it all she decides to make a that can affect her whole world. Does she forget who she is deep down inside, forget who was there for her through it all?

"Go home Zac, I don't want anything to do with you ever again. Don't call me, don't come over, don't acknowledge my existence. WE are NOT friends anymore." I said in my strongest voice as the tears rolled down my cheek. 

My heart felt like it was being ripped in two. The pain made it difficult for me to breathe, my chest felt so tight as though it were twisting over and over again into knots and my head felt as if it were going to explode. I could hear him through the door as his voice cracked. 

"Please don't do this Kai. I'm so sorry." He whispered. 

"Just leave." I said leaning my forehead against the door with my palm up to where I knew his face was on the other side.

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I don't know why but it's kinda corny that she calls him Zachy LOL
Beansp4 Beansp4 Apr 23
Ok this doesn't happen and you can't get chocolate milkshakes at school lol
Cuz_Jesus Cuz_Jesus Mar 19
or possibly a legacy of a daughter of zeus and of athena......
fantazy503 fantazy503 Apr 18, 2016
Shame on whoever came up with this song! Make me want to go back to high school and punch this fake ass B in the face!
Silver_Rain__ Silver_Rain__ Jun 26, 2016
Like I've heard micheala and mikaela and different versions but never Mikaila😂😂
fantazy503 fantazy503 Apr 18, 2016
                              I Have been looking for this book everywhere! I've read it before like 3 or 4 years ago and now I finally found it. 😍