Okay ❁ a Danny Edge fanfic

Okay ❁ a Danny Edge fanfic

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Thank you so much for the support throughout the years, I appreciate you guys so much! 

"If you could teleport to anywhere in the entire world right now where would you go?" I inquire, trying to change the subject. I don't want to stop talking to her entirely, I just don't want to talk about sad things; solemn things. 
"Edge," she says, her head still facing the tree, her hair and eyes still lit up by the stars, "I wouldn't go anywhere else but right here, right now, with you. Not for the world."

*please keep on reading after the first couple chapters, I promise it gets a whole lot better*

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elizabethsucksdicc elizabethsucksdicc Jul 23, 2016
I just fell of my bed laughing. It's not meant to be funny but I'm the one who laughs at horror movies
issalatinaaaa issalatinaaaa May 22, 2016
OMFG THIS IS TOO PERFECT *falls off the couch* *squeals whilst laying on the floor*
gayscale gayscale Oct 10, 2016
don't feel bad hun i dont think he got a single word right im that text
mikeyyyy23 mikeyyyy23 Apr 10, 2016
Omg. I. Screamed. My. Parents. Are. Asleep. Thanks. Tsdckrnsvajavahwhhs
stopcryingkid stopcryingkid Sep 11, 2016
yo this is my 3rd time reading this bc i enojy having my heart ripped out of my chest