The All Mads: The Complete First Season

The All Mads: The Complete First Season

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L. S. L. Gray By Claudia_Witter Completed

A Phenomena is a human infected by a paranormal disease. Madness is the state of being mentally ill, especially severely. The two combined results in a paranormal being with Jack the Ripper tendencies and the mentality of the Mad Hatter.
 In Prague, there is a hundred-year-old manor house called The Home, a place for those that are mentally ill and paranormally infected. In it lives four children: the murderous Victor, the thought-reading Sebastian, the doll-like Caroline, and the insanely adorable (and plain insane) Hugo. When the children aren't busy doing schoolwork and taking instrumental lessons, they're out ridding the world of things that go bump in the night, taking down Phenomena that don't follow the rules, and solving mysteries that involve the supernatural.

I suggest that you fasten your seat belts, because this train of insanity has no local stops.

Amazing cover made by TorissaNikole. Lovely season covers made by soundthealarm.

theemmpress theemmpress Sep 19
Okay, this is actually my friend's name, lol! SEB WHAT SECRETS HAVE YOU KEPT FROM ME
_PaperCities_ _PaperCities_ 5 days ago
Hey, I don't want to come off as rude or disrespectful, but I'd appreciate it a ton if any of u guys read my new romance story I'm writing atm.💕 Tysm for your time
Interesting idea, though I admit I stopped halfway through. I guess I don't need a whole summary, once I know I'm interested in trying out the read...why continue to ruin the books surprises?
I like this cover, it's like an anime version of one of Tim Burton's works. :)
xramen xramen Jul 07
"They're living inside of their heads" already sounds interesting 😍
xxXBoredXxx xxXBoredXxx a day ago
I can already tell that I am gonna ABSOLUTLEY LOVE this book