My Life as a Teenage Superhero

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Nat By sunshineluver Updated 2 years ago
Nikki Star was an orphan, taken from foster home to foster home, when on her 15th birthday, she realized that she had the power to control fire.  She's taken to a different school- for superheros- where she is trained to control her powers.  Soon after she gets there, they need her help to stop an evil mastermind... and save the world.
Great use of words but you should rethink the story more as it is very cliché
Great chapter you're an AWESOME writer! Keep it up and keep writing!
This is the most typical, cliche, Mary-Sue filth I've ever read.
SHE IS IN HEAT everybody RU. for your lllllliiiiiivvvveeesss
I don't think Anyone would just casually fall asleep  it's not believable at all on the flash Barry freaked out for a while
There's different characters with different personalities that aren't always feeling the same as you would feel in a certain situation. Anyways, she seems pretty freaked out but also like she's trying to contain herself.