Down Came the Rain | ✔️

Down Came the Rain | ✔️

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DS Jamison By Monrosey Completed

WARNING: This story is a NA romantic suspense and contains mature scenes. 

Just when Hudson Caldwell's life is finally coming together, an unwavering paranoia threatens to tear it apart. Someone is following her . . . 

At least, that's the feeling she has every time she leaves her downtown Chicago apartment. When her best friend, exotic dancer Annie Ross, convinces her to contact the authorities, the officer brushes her off, stating she has no evidence to support her claim. Annie takes it upon herself to provide Hudson with an unregistered firearm, but the weapon isn't enough to thwart a brutal attack in the middle of the night. 

When rookie cop, Myles Young, responds to a complaint of gunfire, he instantly falls for Hudson's quiet vulnerability and shattered past. He vows to keep her safe -- much to the dismay of his case-hardened partner. 

As Myles and Hudson's relationship begins to flourish, clues to the identity of the young artist's stalker slowly come to light, and the closer Myles comes to solving the case, the more he realizes he may be in over his head.

Log Line: When a young artist is attacked by a sadistic madman, her stripper best friend and a rookie cop find themselves caught in a web of religious deviance and corruption as they work to uncover the identity of the stalker before he strikes again. 

© 2016 by Darly Jamison. All rights reserved. Plagiarism is illegal and punishable by law.

AlisaWolf255w AlisaWolf255w Dec 16, 2016
I've never seen this video before and I liked it so much I watched it three times. The creativity was outstanding!
RobertHelliger RobertHelliger Sep 11, 2016
Looking forward to reading the book. I love a good suspense story.
Hi! you're probably not going to see this, but I was just wondering how much you paid for this cover because I'm thinking about purchasing one. If anyone knows, please comment :)
ChrisBuono ChrisBuono Jul 04, 2016
Nice normalcy wrapped in a creep-out intro session, @Monrosy .
tamoja tamoja Jun 21, 2016
Btw. Love the song dollhouse. Em and I listen to it quite a bit. It's creeptastic!!
genk01 genk01 Dec 20, 2016
I love the setup you did in this page. I need to learn your tricks. Haha or you do a tutorial to teach us