innocence ⇢ j.b

innocence ⇢ j.b

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nat By bluntmccann Updated Sep 04, 2016

❝You can't hurt my feelings, babe. Your innocence is always on your way.❞ He chuckled then kissed my forehead even though he knows I'm still mad at him.

Fucking innocence.

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justinsaiko justinsaiko Nov 04, 2016
I thought this was kind of a the typical gets their heartbroken average jb fanfic not some ddlg kink 😬🤔
I legit can't stand ddlg makes me cringe so hard ew people like this exist
betterbeliebb betterbeliebb Nov 20, 2016
No i hope these type of girls don't really exist in the real world so fûcking annoying 😒
Please don't tell me this is like that little girl and dominate daddy kink shît because that weirds me the fûck out
chapfallen chapfallen Mar 10, 2015
I definitely love this, and keep it up! I really can't wait ((: