innocence ⇢ j.b

innocence ⇢ j.b

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nat By bluntmccann Updated Jun 20

❝You can't hurt my feelings, babe. Your innocence is always on your way.❞ He chuckled then kissed my forehead even though he knows I'm still mad at him.

Fucking innocence.

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I don't know whether or not to delete this book or continue it
bieberwyd bieberwyd Feb 02
what happened to luxury? that was such a good book for the first few chapters
I legit can't stand ddlg makes me cringe so hard ew people like this exist
Please don't tell me this is like that little girl and dominate daddy kink shît because that weirds me the fûck out
chapfallen chapfallen Mar 10, 2015
I definitely love this, and keep it up! I really can't wait ((: