Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1

Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1

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Kim Richardson By kimmer3d Completed


Sixteen-year-old Kara Nightingale’s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies and wakes up in a strange new world with a new career—as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion. Kara is pulled into the supernatural, where monkeys drive the elevators, oracles scurry above giant crystal balls, and where demons feed on the souls of mortals. 

With the help of her Petty Officer and friend, David, Kara hurtles towards an adventure that will change her life forever…

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I read this book a while ago...and decided to read it again....such a good book.
I read this back in 2011/12 and I  got so captivated by it that I've been looking for it since. I think this is a reason I love reading so much! I'm freaking hyped!
You know how freaking traumatizing that would be for mat? He just watched his best friend get squished by a bus!
I have eyes that have a lot of melanin in it so it seem black
OneAwkwardPerson OneAwkwardPerson Dec 11, 2016
Me exact words if I met a talking monkey. Expect I'd also ask if it was working for the wicked witch of the west
OneAwkwardPerson OneAwkwardPerson Dec 11, 2016
*just stares for a moment, thinking, before slowly backing away*......not weird at all........nope....