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My Queen (BoyxBoy)

My Queen (BoyxBoy)

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JHAZ By jhaz002 Updated Sep 05, 2015

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What would Siah do when he's supposed to be born female and oblige to marry someone he had never met before and of the same gender?

To fulfill his family's promise and avoid disappointing his father, Siah agreed to go with the Galaxian Queen and marry her son.

How will Siah deal with his new life in a foriegn kingdom and not to mention his soon to be husband, King Rhion?
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WARNING: This is a BxB, MxM story which contains MPreg and some scenes that is not suitable for close-minded and sensitive readers.
NOTE: Anything written in this story has nothing to do with reality, such as the names, settings, events, or situation that might coincidentally the same in the real world had nothing to do with each other.

NOTE: This is my first ever BoyxBoy story and I love to finish it no matter how long it will take. 
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the picture on the cover. Credits for the owner.

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- Jhaz002
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2015

U sir are just salty 
                              Who is gonna a be ur heir now BITCH
                              He is ur only son
What about my poor Siah? He needs to sleep with an evil pervert? I  object.
this is the funniest thing I've read all day XDD
                              Man, if only all the parents of sluts and manwhores in other books would be like this XDD
AoiLover AoiLover Feb 10
Nah who are you kidding he is so getting pregnant since you mentioned it
I hate the father. I mean... he is your son. he could take over your kingdom in the future and you, sir, are Bitching to him about how worthless he is.
Oh hell no I wish I could jump in this story and rip his head off how dare he talk to my baby Ruiz like that😡😡