One Last Kiss

One Last Kiss

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Annabelle Jenkins is not a normal girl. The people around her think she’s just the quiet, smart girl but they don’t truly know want her ‘problem’ is. Her problem, she can’t be kissed on the lips or else she dies. How did she get it? Ever year one girl is cursed with this ‘problem’. No one knows about it and no one knows how it came about, it just happens. So what happens when Derek, the bad boy, finds an interest in Annabelle? He doesn’t know of the problem she contains but soon starts to grow feelings towards this girl. Can Annabelle find a way got of the curse or is it going to haunt her the rest of her life.  

PG-13: Language, Sexual Situations, and Drinking Involving Teens

All Right Belong to Dana Mayfield (Me)

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LoveReading_1223 LoveReading_1223 May 10, 2017
ya, I mean it is seriously not worth it, I would probably say the exact same thing in ur situation!
bookmonster101 bookmonster101 Apr 03, 2017
I honestly think her mom is trying ti scare her bc shr doesnt want to die I mean cmon think if you were the mom os a teenage girl
NikkiGarza07 NikkiGarza07 Dec 29, 2017
How do they know this is true? Like did other girls die bc of that?
bab4ever bab4ever Jun 16, 2016
Can the girl kiss the boy then? I mean besides the lips. Or is it that her lips cant be touched by any other skin
DoolFandoms DoolFandoms Jun 26, 2016
If I had the curse my parents would throw a party not try to find me a way out
smiling_slut smiling_slut Feb 05, 2016
this is good... 
                              and she is ri8.......pitying is the fuckest thing ever ( fuckest? srsly... lol i just made up a word