Dear Alpha, I'm Sorry.

Dear Alpha, I'm Sorry.

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mysterious_writer123 By mysterious_writer123 Updated Apr 09

"You're mine, only mine. You get that? You are not to step a foot out of this door, or god help me, you will be punished."

"Like you haven't punished me enough already. But sure, go right ahead. I'd like to see you try, Mister."

"Don't tempt me, Mate. It'll be a punishment for you, but it'll be fun for me," he said with the most evil grin I've ever seen. I gave him a strong look saying- 'You don't have guts to do that'

"Are you sure you want to take your chances?" he said huskily, seeing my skeptical look. He grabbed my waist, gently. But he wasn't gentle for long. He roughly pinned me to the opposite wall.

My breath was knocked out. A throb between my shoulder blades reminded me of his speed. My hands flew up automatically, coming infront of my face, in defence position.

He buried his head between my right shoulder and neck and caressed my left hip with his other hand. I tried to fight him, pushing at his chest, kicking his leg, but nothing worked. He didn't even feel it. Of course, why would he? He is a werewolf - they are trained to feel nothing.

And all of a sudden, he did the last thing imaginable. Well, for me.

His lips collided with mine and I was stunned, but I couldn't help but move my lips. For someone who looked so rough, his lips were so soft. Our lips moved in perfect synchronisation, like a harmony.

The kiss turned to a rough hungry one, one that brought me to my senses. Why was this turning me on?

I pushed him away, but he didn't stop, maybe he couldn't. So I slapped him. Hard.

He kissed me. The fucking son-of-a-bitch kissed me.
Layla Allen, 25 years old. Human.
Stark Vaseliev-volkov, 28 year old. Werewolf.

Welcome to the unnerving love story of Layla and Stark. Romance will have a different meaning for them. Will stark change for her or she will have to change for him? 

Has mature sexual content.
Though its a lovestory.

Cover by- @ScarlettGold

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lilheartgirl lilheartgirl Sep 15, 2017
 #privatebookclub this is good so far. With more description it'll be good but I cant find anything wrong with it :)
Shamaim21 Shamaim21 Jul 22, 2017
Omfg this book !!!!! I am not okay..... Took me a while to find something i want to read and omfgg i am shooketh this is so good!!!!!??
royal888 royal888 Sep 15, 2017
I checked prologue. For sure it promises violence and struggle for the female. Let's see what happens
ayanz88 ayanz88 Sep 15, 2017
                              I really like the prologue.
                              I have a feeling, I'll be continuing this journey till the end. 🙋
Shamaim21 Shamaim21 Jul 22, 2017
The sentence describes my life..............🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
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