•×•|The Heartfilia Siblings|•×•

•×•|The Heartfilia Siblings|•×•

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Sylvia By Nalu_lover4545 Updated Mar 22, 2017

The title is description enough!!
Read to find out what happens next!

Honestly I've decided I don't like the idea of having magic in this book. If you would like me to keep it, pm me.

It just seems


I've read multiple fan fictions about Lucy having siblings and Lucy's mother being alive. They all seem the same, its boring and I would rather not follow the crowd but I can't let go of this book 😂😂 

This was my first book, so continue to enjoy what chapters I still have published from my previous version but it will be much different.

This book is not over and I'll be more active with my updates. 

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, etc pm me, your input is welcome

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404page404 404page404 Apr 13, 2017
Currently listening to girls girls girls by got7 whilst dougie-ing 😂
Nalu_lover4545 Nalu_lover4545 Mar 11, 2015
@princess_millennia also thanks for reading I really appreciate it
Nalu_lover4545 Nalu_lover4545 Mar 11, 2015
@princess_millennia scratchs head well...uh I dunno I got it from an app called Anime Wallpaper you don't need to use them as wallpaper though also there are others such as AGG Fans, or Anime Box but it all depends on the device you have.
Dark_Twin Dark_Twin Mar 11, 2015
um may I ask what anime is that girl in the multimedia from?
Nalu_lover4545 Nalu_lover4545 Feb 17, 2015
Plz rear and vote my story...^-^ also have fin reading perfect for Fairy Tail Lovers