Taken by the Vikings

Taken by the Vikings

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Meagan By Anastasia_Mikaelson Updated 5 days ago

Their 18th birthday was the day that would change the twin sisters, Caroline and Elizabeth's lives forever. It was the day they would become women in the eyes of society, and the day their parents would choose the man they were to marry. It was always the plan that they would live and die on the island they were born on, but the world had different plans. 

On the day of their coming of age ceremony, people see strange ships sailing on the horizons coming for their island.  

It was the Vikings, and they were here for the girls.

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Williamsle Williamsle Jun 12, 2016
Carton of milk?  Not buying it for the time setting of the story.
VeronicaHaney2 VeronicaHaney2 Oct 30, 2016
I just came across your book and I am really interested in reading it thank you for the warning but I think I'll be okay.... it's time to read
Second_Hand_Fandom Second_Hand_Fandom Feb 27, 2015
Like literally just yell out her name and she'll come? 
                              Small village 
this-small-girl this-small-girl Feb 23, 2015
This sounds so cool!  I actually want to read this now! I have never read anything about Vikings! There are some flaws, but I think the storyline makes up for that, as it is seeping through already (I agree with @oyelesleyyy on the flaws)
chanman991 chanman991 Feb 22, 2015
It was a fun beginning! It was neat to see the interactions between the sisters and your character development is nice.
                              The only thing i might suggest is that you split your paragraphs up a little more, it helps it to flow better and keeps the reader engaged! :)
deadaccount1999 deadaccount1999 Feb 19, 2015
I like it! The only thing I noticed that bugged me was the writing was all tell and no show. Like: I did this, she did that, I have to do this, etc. Just add a little variety and I think it will be great :)