RIDE 5: No Matter What

RIDE 5: No Matter What

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I'm chillin' at the park with my niggas. Just shootin dice, smokin loud, and tryin' to fuck with some of these bitches out here. 

"Ay, baby, come here!" I yell at this thick ass hoe. She gotta be around twenty. She pops her gum and looks at me crazy.  "I ain't ya baby and I'm a grown ass woman, lil boy. I'm twenty two." she says. "Aw, okay, my dıck twenty two inches, so wassup with it, you trynna fuck?" I ask.

My niggas start dying laughing. She slaps me. "Nigga, who you think I am?" she screams.  I chuckle.  "Don't be hollerin at me... that's why you got dıck suckin' lips. Then you got the nerve to be out here with a tongue ring like you fine or somethin'. You disqualified as hell." I say, shaking my head in disgust at her pissy ass. She puts her hand on her hip. "I can't tell, the way you was just actin' thirsty." she says. "Hoe, you just thick as fuck. You look like yo ass got swallowed and spit out by a gotdamn Hawk though." I say, shrugging my sho...

JhaMoniqueLawson JhaMoniqueLawson Jul 01, 2017
Whatttt yessssss n dont scare me like that again I thought she was dead I wasn't even gone read this one lol
Nyamadecantyasee Nyamadecantyasee Jan 29, 2018
He look 14 year old who went ahead and got tats without his mama permission
I knew she was gunna come back in thug books the QUEEN or KING always come back
iibe_royalty iibe_royalty May 21, 2015
so happy for this book yo seriously just finished book 4 it was real grr8t!
Trust_Tia Trust_Tia May 05, 2015
I understand I'm kind of late but I tried to read the other ride books but there was no story just information about the other books
TaKeria101 TaKeria101 Mar 07, 2015
I thought she was dead. but I semi knew she was gone come back